Mafia Benedicta Gafah allegedly snatches Hajia4Real’s rich baby daddy – Full Details drop

A slay queen fight is developing, and the most junior Empress in Ghanaian showbiz is currently winning.

Hajia 4 Real is in a conflict with Benedicta Gafah, alias Empress Dictabee, and the Empress is currently in the lead.

Benedicta is said to have snatched Hajia 4 Real’s baby daddy from her in the blink of an eye, according to the exclusive news on the streets which is currently making headlines on various news blogs and portals

Hajia’s baby daddy is said to be very moneyed and he was supposed to be hers forever but unfortunately, Benedicta Gafah has swiftly locked him up for herself.

The Insablogger Aba the Great showcased information she got from a source claiming to have firsthand info into what’s going on.

The source alleged: “…Benedicta Gafah’s new boyfriend is Hajia 4 Real’s baby daddy o. I hear they made the relationship known during his house warming this past weekend,”

The man apparently held a housewarming party over the weekend, and both ladies attended.

Benedicta Gafah’s too familiar behaviour at Hajia 4 Real’s baby daddy’s residence convinced this anonymous gossiper that Gafah had won the battle because poor Hajia watched helplessly.

The person added: “From the way she (Gafah) was comfortable in the house and how she had full access to his phone the whole time got a lot of people wondering,”

This slay queen business is harsh, and there are few eligible males, so if you take a breather, a better girl will come around and show you pepper.

Source: Ghanatrends.com

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