Black Sherif shares exclusive photos of Aunty Marie for the first time

Promising Ghanaian hiplife artiste who has the mentality of a Highlife musician hence making him very unique amongst the current crop of musicians, Balck Sherif; Has exclusively shared a picture of famous yet unknown Aunty Marie whom she gave a shoutout to on his Secon Sermon music project.

In one of the verses in the second sermon, Back Sherif analogically stated that Aunty Marie became his guardian angel after her shocking death which left him devastated.

With strong reference to this new revelation, Aunty Maries is apparently her own mother, however, she is not dead as Black Sherif emotionally stressed in the song which made his fans believe that she’s resting in eternal peace.

In this fast trending picture that was first uploaded by the music youngster on his various social media pages, the mother and son were in a video call.

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Following the release of his track First Sermon, the rapper penetrated into the mainstream media and has since then won the hearts of a majority of Ghanaians.

After receiving acclaim for his dexterity, he kept the momentum for his Second Sermon which is a sequel of his first sermon.

The second sermon amassed a little over a million views a day after it was premiered on Youtube.

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