Video: Actress, Joyce Boakye shares a video of her waist beads and butt0cks, Ghanaian blast her

Joyce Boakye, a promising Kumawood actress has become the target of social media trolls when she released a video of herself using the WC on a plane while wearing her bortos and waist beads.

The sensual yet pointless video of her using the WC aboard an aircraft while flaunting her bu++s and beads has gone popular on Instagram, and netizens are not impressed.

It appears that this was her first time using the restroom on a plane, so subsequently, we can’t roast her enough.

She has been mocked and bastardized on Instagram for filming herself using the restroom on a flight she most likely didn’t pay for and then shamelessly posted it for likes and clout.

Check out the video below to know more…


Source: Ghanatrends.com


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