Captain Smart reveals how he saved Nana Addo’s life by carrying a barrel of urine from Accra to Wa

Former ABN employee – Captain Smart who has been constantly raining insults on authorities without any fear or favour has dropped another bombshell which many netizens have thrown into the bin with the opinion that it is fake.

According to the vociferous on-air media personality and confessed NPP member, it took the intervention of himself and other colleagues to intercede on behalf of the president during the 2020 elections.

He further went ahead to assert that the spiritual attacks on the president back then was so intense that it was only by a spiritual direction that kept him alive and made him emerge as a victor of the presidential race.

Detailing how the president’s precious life was saved, Captain smart asserted that he and other NPP chief scribes carried a barrel of urine all the way from Accra to Wa in order to destroy the dreadful spiritual attacks from his enemies.

He said;

You, what do you know? When I was shouting Nana Addo will not die, where were you? During the 2020 elections do you know where the president was taken to? The rain which fell wasn’t natural and it was not a rain but a drain.

It was going to drain and wash away certain things and individuals including our president. So we had to be firm and counter the actions of the doom wishers. We carried a barrel of urine to Wa just to save the president’s life.

He made these claims whiles speaking in a  Facebook live on his page.

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