NDC’s “March for justice” protest kicks off at the Liberation Road – Photos

Thousands of National Democratic Congress (NDC) sympathizers gathered at the Accra Mall this morning to begin off the “March For Justice,” a demonstration aimed at attracting Nana Addo’s attention to his ills and unprecedented failure.

The NDC Youth wing-led demonstration is still going on in an aggressive manner and members of the opposing political party have put up various posters with slogans like (Kum yen preko, Ahmed Suale deserved to live, Justice for Kaaka etc).

The politically charged Justice March Protest will officially commence from the Liberation Road to Opeibea House and then take a sub-halt at the Lands Commission through Aviation Road.

Protesters will then proceed to Flagstaff House through the Switchback Road, then to Parliament House via the Ako Adjei highway.

A new interesting development that has been wholesomely welcomed by almost 90% of Ghanaian youths confirms that the controversial #Fixthecountry demo will also come off on Wednesday 4th August 2021. 

Nana Addo is currently having a tough time as far as governance is concerned

Check out some photos from the event below to know more…

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