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Nigerian Media Personality, Toke Makinwa orders James Gardiner to marry her after seeing her [email protected]

Handsome Ghanaian actor who is undoubtedly the ladies man, James Gardiner; Has landed his ‘poor’ self into deep trouble as Toke Makinwa, an award-winning Nigerian radio and television host has ordered him to marry her by hook or crook after seeing her [email protected] herself whiles they were on set for a movie shoot.

At the moment, the beautiful Nigerian top celebrity is part of the selected few who have been contacted t start in an upcoming blockbuster Nollywood which is anticipated to go global after its premiere.

Pretty boy James Gardiner is part of the renowned movie stars who are tirelessly working behind the scene to make the movie project a huge success and perhaps raise the flag of African movie production.

According to Toke Makwinwa who is noted for her opulent lifestyle and her taste for rich men, James Gardiner bounced into her room un-announced whiles she was completely [email protected]

In a fast trending video that has affixed itself at the No.1 spot on trending issues in the country, the fashionista who seemed very serious with her order and threats to James Gardiner also revealed that the actor should be ready to pay for 10 cows as her bride price because she doesn’t deal with struggling guys.

She said;

I’m saying you have to marry me. You have to kill 10 cows. My eyes red. I don’t do broke boys

In short, the female socialite is eagerly waiting for James Gardiner to visit her family as soon as possible as to perform all the recognised marriage customary rites.

Interestingly, James Gardiner has gone mute on the whole brouhaha, he has neither affirmed nor denied seeing Toke Makinwa’s [email protected]

We are also yet to know if he’s ready to settle down with Toke Makinwa as fiercely requested by the media personality or not.

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