Woman sadly narrates how her sisters made her blind after a rich man promised her marriage

Gone were the days that blood was thicker than water but in recent times our the people we call family are crueller to us than outsiders.

Portia Ama, a blind Ghanaian woman who lives in a small town in the Central Region has sadly narrated how she was charmed by her sisters after a man with strong financial muscles promised to marry her.

Portia, who appears to be in her forties, told SV TV Africa that when she was a young girl, she met a wealthy man who promised to marry her when she grew up because she was just 13 years then

Aunty Portia claims that this made her sisters jealous and therefore they planned to blind her in order to spoil her chances.

During the interview, she said;

I was staying with my elder sister and about 13 at the time. When the man promised to marry me, my sister started chanting my name anywhere she went. She was an idol worshipper. The next thing I knew, I became visually impaired. We went to pastors but no-one could heal me

In the course of the interview also, she sorrowfully revealed that she now lives alone and is struggling to make ends meet, despite the fact that her sisters are married and live with their husbands.

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