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Top Archive Limited – Experts in Archiving and Records Management

top archive ltd.

We offer active file management and long-term box storage, keeping your outfit’s records secure and accessible

Our Storage Operations

  • Direct And Secure Pickup
  • Secured Record Storage
  • Tracking System on Each Box
  • Advanced Barcoding Technology

Offsite Record Storage

Long term archival box storage as well as active file management, keeping the company’s records secure and accessible.

Outsource the management of your records to Top Archive’s records repository, furnished with a modern shelving system that provides space, an unlimited storage area, and the highest level of document security, to create more space at your prime office location and protect the records from on-site disasters (especially in rainy seasons where there is high tendency of flood)

Top Archive’s Secured record Storage Facility

Our repository has state-of-the-art security systems, including:

  • A CCTV system (inside and outside the facility).
  • An intrusion alarm system with uninterrupted power supply and a GSM connection for a response team.
  • Access to the archive is restricted and logged using biometric access control.
  • A smoke detection system with uninterrupted power supply and a GSM connection to Top Archive response team.
  • An independent fire suppression system.
  • Uninterrupted power supply with a backup generator and smart UPS to support the IT systems.
  • Etc.

On-site Restructuring and Improvement Projects

Let us set up your in-house archive from scratch, or help you run your records management restructuring and improvement projects following best practices premised on international standards (ISO)

Top Archive assesses the challenges faced by existing records systems, and proposes solutions to ensure that they are resolved, and that records are preserved in the most secure manner and can be accessed in a timely and usable form.

Our years of experience helping to set up modern in-house archives and restructuring archives for a variety of institutions are why we are known for professional records storage services.

We set up the facility and implement the entire records/archives system in a way that utilizes space and allows easy expansion of shelves.

Records/Boxes Storage (Top Archive Records Centre)

Top Archive uses the highest standard and industry-required archive boxes, together with the world’s latest barcoding technology for document storage, to ensure high efficiency in tracking and inventory of records.

Contact Us Now

Contact Top Archive for all your archival, document and information management solutions while we help you reduce significant business costs.

Mobile: +233 0540 119622

Email:  info@top-archive.com

Website: www.top-archive.com

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Top Archive Ghana

Linkedin: Top Archive Limited

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