Archbishops Duncan-Williams and Anaba Resign from National Cathedral Board Amid Transparency Concerns

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Renowned spiritual leaders, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Rev. Eastwood Anaba, founders of United Denominations of Action Chapel Churches Worldwide and Eastwood Anaba Ministries respectively, have submitted their resignations from the Board of Trustees overseeing the National Cathedral’s construction

Their joint statement clarified that their decision was prompted by the government’s failure to appoint an independent accounting firm for a comprehensive audit of all public funds contributed to the National Cathedral project.

The preachers asserted that the proposed suspension would have ensured transparency and accountability for the Ghanaian people. Despite their earlier memo urging an independent audit of project expenditures, the leaders express disappointment in the lack of progress and have chosen to step down from the board.

In the memo addressed to the Board of Trustees, Archbishops Duncan-Williams and Anaba emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in handling public funds allocated to the National Cathedral.

We, therefore, regret that as a matter of conscience and faith, we hereby submit to you our resignation from the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral. We honourably assure you, as we assured the Board of Trustees in January 2023 with the submission of our Resolution, that our action in no way impugns the vision or intent of The National Cathedral, but rather ensures that it is advanced and built on a foundation of integrity, efficiency and quality while garnering and maintaining public trust and support, the memo reads.

The joint statement revealed their dissatisfaction with the limited response to their request for an independent audit, prompting their resignation from the project board.

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Statement from the pastors

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Statement released


This development adds a new layer of concern to the ongoing discourse surrounding the National Cathedral project and raises questions about financial oversight and transparency in major national initiatives.


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