Meeting with Trade Minister K.T Hammond Boycotted by the Cement Manufacturers in Ghana

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Cement manufacturers in Ghana have boycotted a meeting with the Trade Minister K.T Hammond over cement price hikes in the country

In an awkward moment witnessed by journalists, meeting that was scheduled today, July 1 was ditched by cement manufacturers who were supposed to have a discourse over the rising prices of cement in the country with the Minister for Trade and Industry.

The Minister who proposed a Legislative Instrument to regulate cement prices in Ghana is yet to have his LI embraced by cement manufacturers in Ghana as many describe the Trade Minister’s move as a step in the wrong direction.

Business and economic analysts have opined that government’s plan introduce price control may affect  a wide range of products.

Real estate owners however embraced the minister’s proposal stating that the prices of cement and other building materials have incessantly increased in the past couple of years and this will help stabilize their investment in the real estate business.

However, the manufacturers upon seeing the presence of the media refused to partake in the meeting with concerns that they were earlier informed that the meeting was intended to be a closed door one with the Minister.

According to the Trades Minister, K.T Hammond, the media was only supposed to have a preliminary introduction with the manufacturers after which they will leave the two parties to have their engagement but the manufacturers refused and boycotted the meeting.

Minister K.T Hammond’s Remarks Following Meeting Boycotted by Cement manufacturers in Ghana 

K.T. Hammond in his remarks stressed that cement manufacturers will not dictate for government.

The cement industry is beginning to dictate to the political head of the organisation  I am the political head of Trade and Industry and they are beginning to dictate to me what they want, I don’t think it is acceptable.


They tell me if you (media) are here, they won’t meet with me, they do not have any intention of doing anything in public. I don’t do things in darkness,  he mentioned. 

WATCH VIDEO: K.T Hammond’s Explains Reason for the Boycott by Cement manufacturers in Ghana

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