Serwaa Amihere, Efia Odo and Henry Fitz Alleged Leaked Tape

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trending videos and updates on alleged efia odo, henry fitz and serwaa amihere leaked tape

The Ghanaian media is currently abuzz with Serwaa Amihere leaked tape allegedly making love with one Henry Fitz. The video was later rubbised by Nana Aba Anamoah after another video with the same guy allegedly making love to Efia Odo surfaced online.

What began as mere whispers and murmurs on social media quickly escalated into a full-blown controversy, with speculations swirling and fingers pointing at Serwaa Amihere as the woman featured in the leaked footage. A couple of days later, videos of Serwaa Amihere denying Ghana Statistical Service survey which says 2 out of 10 men cheat on their wives, resurfaced,  calling it a ‘completely false report’

Adding fuel to the fire, the video that emerged allegedly featuring fellow social media personality Efia Odo in bed with the same individual, identified as Henry Fitz went viral. The video, which has been trending on Ghanaian platforms, has sparked further uproar, with users speculating that Henry Fitz has been romantically involved with several celebrities in Ghana.

The unfolding scandal has gripped the attention of the Ghanaian public and dominated discussions across various media platforms. As the allegations continue to circulate and garner widespread attention, both Serwaa Amihere and Efia Odo have found themselves at the center of intense scrutiny, with the controversy showing no signs of abating anytime soon.

Nana Aba Anamoah, colleague of Serewaa Amihere took to social media to vent her displeasure of the trending videos describing it as ‘stupid, trashy and irrelevant nonesense occupying the thougts of useless people’ out there.

Another media personalities and musicians alike have slammed the trending video with others trolling Serwaa for the leaked video.

Young Ghanaians have ridiculed the narrative by most media personalities and celebrities which purports that their hard work and determination have catapulted them to a higher level in life painting such individuals as angels.

WATCH: Trending Updates of Serwaa Amihere Leaked Tape

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