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kalybos confesses cheating on his girlfriend

Kalybos Confesses Cheating on His Girlfriend

kalybos confesses cheating on his girlfriend

Tv Sensation and comedian, Richard Kweku Asante, popularly known as Kalybos has confessed cheating on his current girlfriend.


He made this revelation in his speech on Joy Prime show when asked by the host Doreen Avio if he had ever cheated on his partner before.

He however advocated for individuals to have a single relationship conceding the fact that men will always meet new women who are prettier than their partners but the decision to cheat or not to cheat lies with the man.

Oh yes. I am [in a relationship]. I happened to fall into one, and I like where it is. In my line of work, most of my colleagues might not agree to this. But very important you have a relationship; have a single relationship.”

You meet ladies, new faces all the time, so if you’re one who is picky and is not content with what he has, you might find a lady attractive, but tomorrow, definitely, trust me, you’ll find a different lady who’s more than what you saw. It all balls down to you, the guy. Access yourself to know that I need to settle down with one lady, then the rest can follow,”  he advised.


Cheating in the Ghanaian marital society is regarded by many as immoral whilst others think men will always cheat once given the chance to and will not even think twice about it.

Others also opine that the act of cheating is only immoral if the culprit fails to admit engaging in the act and apologizing after the act neutralizes and amends the error.

Celebrities both locally and foreign have embattled the act of cheating causing the breakdown of many beautiful relationships.

Some believe popularity and the celebrity status come with challenges specifically having to meet more and beautiful ladies that usually cause the men to succumb to the pressure.


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