Events Surrounding Christian Atsu’s Death

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events surrounding christian atsu’s death

Ghanaian and Hatayspor player Christian Atsu has passed away; these are some events prior to his demise.


Christian Atsu Scored a Free Kick

Christian Atsu had an awesome football day as he scored a fantastic free kick for his club Hatayspor the day before the earthquake.

his last match for his club

his last match for his club

Earlier Reports Citing Christian Atsu as Part of The Victims

Massive earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023 claimed over 46,000 lives, among the dead is Ghanaian soccer star Christian Atsu.

Turkey team Hatayspor confirmed the reports about Christian Atsu’s demise following myriad rumors about the star.

Reports About Christian Atsu Found; Mistaken Identity

Major news sources reported the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and claimed the football star had been found and taken to a hospital for treatment.

Several days after this report, family of the Christian Atsu grumbled about their inability to locate the exact hospital where the football star was taken to.

This led to the footballers management team to debunk the earlier claims that Christian Atsu was found and taken to the hospital adding that it was a mistaken identity.

Wife of Christian Atsu’s Optimism of Finding Husband Alive

Wife of the deceased, who was heartbroken following the tragic news was however optimistic of finding her husband alive and said her kids got to hear about the news of their dad missing on radio.

christian with wife and kids

christian with wife and kids

Thermal Cameras Captured People Alive Under Rubble at Christian Atsu’s Residence

Thermal cameras reportedly captured some persons under rubble at the footballer’s residence who were still alive while the rescue teams successfully rescued some people alive including kids. This tossed hope to Christian Atsu’s family, friends and Ghanaians at large.

Reports That Christian Atsu’s Shoes Were Found as Player Was Still Missing

After a couple of days, reports indicated that shoes of the footballer were found whilst the player was still missing amidst rescue efforts.

Christian Atsu Cancelled His Flight to See His Family Night Before the Earthquake

It was also reported that the player cancelled his flight to France to visit his family prior to the earthquake

Alleged Photo of How Christian Atsu Died

After 11 days have passed, Christian Atsu was reportedly found but unfortunately lifeless. The entire world and especially Ghanaians woke up to this sad news as some picture of his dead body in a wall surfaced online alleging how the player had died.

alleged photo of his dead body when found

alleged photo of his dead body when found

Tributes for Christian Atsu From the Football Fraternity

Football fans, legends, his former clubs Newcastle, Chelsea and Hatasypor have paid tribute to the former football star.

This is a sad day for the nation and everyone, REST WELL CHRISTIAN ATSU

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