Mr. Ibu Set for Overseas Treatment Following Five Surgeries

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Renowned Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, widely known as Mr. Ibu, is set to undergo additional medical treatment abroad after having five surgeries in Nigeria

The veteran actor had recently taken to social media, seeking public assistance as he grappled with a health condition that posed a risk of leg amputation.

Highlighting the severity of his ailment, Mr. Ibu revealed that his medical team had cautioned that amputation might become inevitable if all other available options prove ineffective.

However, a statement released on Instagram by Mr. Ibu’s family shared positive news, stating that he has successfully undergone five surgeries and is now slated for further medical care overseas.

Expressing gratitude for the support received from Nigerians, the family acknowledged the contributions made towards Mr. Ibu’s medical expenses.


We want to thank God and most especially the general public for their support, encouragement, and prayers during this trying period for our dad. We called on good Nigerians, and we are very grateful for the response in every aspect, most especially the donations; they came in very timely and very helpful.

So far, Daddy has gone through five successful surgeries, and he is still recovering in the ICU. Daddy is immensely grateful, and we are thankful to the general public during this phase of our lives.

Thank you, and as soon as Daddy is better, he will personally acknowledge all donations, respectively.


We are still counting on all your prayers and unwavering support as we pray he gets stabilised quickly to enable us to fly him abroad for further advanced treatment. The John Okafor family is grateful to all Nigerians.

The actor’s journey to recovery, marked by surgeries and the upcoming international treatment, underscores the challenges he faces and the collective efforts to ensure his well-being. As updates unfold, supporters are encouraged to stay tuned for developments on Mr. Ibu’s health journey.


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