The Inspiring Journey of Ghana’s Youngest Chartered Accountant – Princess Korkor Boateng

the inspiring journey of ghana's youngest chartered accountant princess korkor boateng

At just 18 years old, Princess Korkor Boateng has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming Ghana’s youngest chartered accountant

Currently a level 400 student at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Boateng completed her qualifying examinations in April 2023, making her eligible for this prestigious professional designation.

Boateng’s accomplishment is even more impressive considering she is still pursuing her undergraduate studies at the university. Reflecting on her journey to success, Boateng shared in an interview with Joy Prime that it all began when she wrote the common entrance exam for Akosombo International School (AIS) while in primary six.

I went to Akosombo International School (AIS). When I got to primary six, I wrote the AIS common entrance exams. The school has this special common entrance exam you have to write before you get admitted. So, I went straight from primary six to AIS. She recalled.

At the age of 15, Boateng secured admission to the University of Ghana to pursue a BSc. in Business Administration. During the same period, she also enrolled in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ghana (ICAG) in 2019.

Boateng effectively managed her academic schedule, strategically planning her courses and utilizing breaks and vacations to study the professional accounting curriculum.

It took about three years because I started in level 100 and I just graduated. I finished the course in April 2023. She shared.

Although Boateng’s journey was not without challenges, including the demanding nature of balancing her BSc. studies and the ICAG program, her dedication and perseverance propelled her forward. She acknowledged the difficulties she faced, stating, “First of all, it was not easy, it was very difficult. There were times I had exams the same period I was having an IAs [Interim Assessment], and there were times I would write an IA and tomorrow I would have a professional exam.”

Boateng’s achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring young professionals and showcases the importance of hard work and determination in pursuing one’s goals. Her remarkable feat highlights the potential for excellence and success at a young age, making her a role model for future generations.

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