Ghana Ranks Second Safest Country in Africa: Numbeo Crime Index

Ghana Ranks Second Safest Country in Africa, Numbeo Crime Index

Numbeo’s latest crime index and safety ranking reveal that Ghana has secured the position of the second safest country in Africa, boasting a safety index of 56.1

The assessment methodology by Numbeo considers various factors including perceptions of crime levels, feelings of safety during daylight and at night, as well as concerns regarding different criminal activities.

Ghana’s remarkable achievement in the safety ranking underscores its efforts in dispelling negative stereotypes and fostering stability within the nation. These initiatives have not only enhanced the living standards of its citizens but have also positioned Ghana as an attractive destination for visitors, investors, and international experts.

Numbeo: List of Countries including Ghana in the Safest Country in Africa Ranking

Numbeo Index

Numbeo Index

The recognition of Ghana as one of the safest countries in Africa reflects the collective endeavor to prioritize security and promote a conducive environment for its inhabitants and visitors alike. By addressing concerns related to crime perception and ensuring safety across various contexts, Ghana has emerged as a beacon of stability within the region.

The positive perception of safety in Ghana contributes significantly to its socio-economic development and global reputation. It instills confidence among investors and tourists, fostering a conducive environment for economic growth and sustainable development initiatives.

Ghana’s commitment to promoting safety and security aligns with its broader aspirations for progress and prosperity. By continuously improving safety measures and addressing societal concerns, Ghana sets a precedent for effective governance and proactive community engagement.

In conclusion, Ghana’s attainment of the second safest country status in Africa according to Numbeo’s crime index is a testament to its resilience and dedication towards ensuring the well-being of its populace. This recognition not only underscores Ghana’s progress but also highlights the importance of collective efforts in fostering a secure and prosperous society.

Photos: Accra, Ghana

accra city ghana...

Accra city Ghana

accra city ghana.

Accra city Ghana.

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