Secret Recording: Kennedy Agyapong and Anas’ Lawyer After Dismissal of Defamation Case

secret recording kennedy agyapong and anas’ lawyer after dismissal of defamation case

Verbal exchanges between Assin North MP Kennedy Agyapong and Anas’ Lawyer recorded secretly have surfaced online following dismissal of Anas’ defamation suit against the MP.

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his legal team filed a 25-million-Cedi defamation case against Kennedy Agyapong in 2018 following an expose by the Assin North MP dubbed, “Who Watches the Watchman” – a response to Anas’ expose on Kwasi Nyantakyi according to the MP.

Kennedy Agyapong released this document in which he claimed Anas had illegally extorted money from some people and that his work is premised on evil intents which Anas gains from and use as a tool to destroy people ‘he doesn’t like’.

The infuriated investigative journalist who is revered in Ghana and across the globe in his response denied this claims and consequently sued the MP for defamation.


On March 15, 2023, the 25 million-defamation suit brought by Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas against Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong was dismissed by an Accra High Court on grounds that the case lacked merit.

Anas grumbled about the court’s verdict and opined that the judge had instead queried and ruled against him as if he was the defendant. He further mentioned that he will not relent and will appeal for the ruling he described as unlawful.
Post-Adjudication events revealed some verbal clashes between Kennedy Agyapong and the lawyer for Anas Aremeyaw Anas. The Assin North was audibly heard pouncing insults on the lawyer apparently due to some actions which triggered his fury.

Kennedy Agyapong further threatened to release some contents of a video in his possession that he claims captures some NPP leaders and lawyers in Dubai in some damning deals.

Excerpts of the Secret Voice Recording Between Kennedy Agyapong and Anas’ Lawyer in text

Look at the language he is using, please. Call him to order, what does he mean? Who the hell do you also think you are? You are a lawyer and so what? What do you mean?” he said, angrily.

You think you’ve been paid, l’m also a lawmaker and I will take him on. He is always disrespecting me in court. I’m prepared to die for the truth. This small boy, every time he comes to court, he is disrespecting me.

Why do you say you are a murderer and sarcastically, that is the impression? Even Anas who killed people, you still defend them. You are coming to call me a murderer, you are a fool. I’m not afraid of anyone, if you like, arrest me and I will still defend the truth. What is going on in this country?”

If NPP fools around, I will show the video, l’m only holding on to the video, if anyone doubts me, I will show it. On the 8th of February, these evil boys, recorded ministers and lawyers in Dubai.

I’ve showed it to the President, Chief of Staff, if you misbehave, I will show it to the whole Ghana. You have the nerves to defend a criminal like that and come and insult me? he added.

Listen to the Secret Recording Between Kennedy Agyapong and Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Lawyer.

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