I will guide & encourage my daughter to be a better Prostitute – Bulldog

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The latest among the numerous of his comments is one he recently said on Okay FM’s entertainment show hosted by Halifax.

Bulldog stated he would encourage and guide his young baby girl into prostitution in fact to be a better one. (Which parent would do that?)

Stating the reasons for passing such comments, Bulldog said he will support regardless because he can’t change his daughter’s decision if that is what she pleases to do.

Tho he had the right reasons to back his comments but the example cited makes it kinda weird to all most especially parents.

He believes once you shut them down and fails to accept our children for who they are and the career path they choose, that would be the end of good communication between yourself and them.

He added that he would encourage his son if he comes to him saying he wants to be a thief he will again advise him to be the best at it.

Source GhPage