[VIDEO] Lands Commission Acknowledges Top Archive’s Vital Role in Record Management Amid Disaster

[VIDEO] Lands Commission Acknowledges Top Archive's Vital Role in Record Management Amid Disaster

In a  public address, the Lands Commission boss addressed concerns about the integrity of their records following the Accra flood that inundated their premises, mentioning Top Archive as a reliable consultant in records management.

Contrary to claims of irreparable damage, the boss emphasized the durability of their records stored in Top Archive Limited boxes, citing them as resilient even in disastrous times. The Lands Commission boss lauded Top Archive as a reliable partner, highlighting their capacity to withstand the floodwaters and protect vital records.



Moreover, the Lands Commission boss announced that Top Archive would play a crucial role in mitigating the aftermath of the disaster. Recognizing Top Archive’s expertise and reliability, the boss affirmed that the consultant would soon be onsite to assist in salvaging the situation and ensuring the integrity of the Commission’s records. This acknowledgment underscores the pivotal role of strategic partnerships and reliable consultants in managing records, particularly during challenging circumstances.

Lands Commission, Aftermath of the flood in Accra

Photo of Some secured Top Archive’s boxes with document intact



As part of its digitalization initiative, the Lands Commission (LC) has introduced a modernized land record management system. This endeavor, designed to expedite land documentation processes, encompasses scanning, geo-referencing, digitizing, and archiving of existing records. The upgraded system is anticipated to streamline file retrieval for various purposes, marking a significant step toward modernizing land-related operations.

The announcement of this development took place during the “Executive Secretary’s Briefing” event held in Accra on Friday, February 2, 2024. Present at the briefing were prominent figures including the Chairman of the Lands Commission, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Lands and Forestry, members of the National Lands Commission, as well as management and staff members of the Lands Commission.

Mr. Benjamin Arthur, the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission, emphasized the pressing need for the Commission to prioritize its digitalization efforts during his address to the gathered journalists.


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