Black Star Line Festival: Biggest Diaspora Festival in Ghana

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black star line festival biggest diaspora festival in ghana

The festival is yet the biggest event in 2023 which saw many stars and musicians both local and foreign come together.

The festival was named  after the historic ‘Black Star Line’ sea travel initiative by the legendary Marcus Garvey (who was regarded by many as the Black Messiah)

This major event was organized by Chicago-born Ghanaian Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper and featured a host A-list acts from both sides of the Atlantic took place in the heart of the Ghanaian capital, Accra – in its quest to unite the country and its diaspora.

Many music lovers and fans trooped into Ghana’s iconic Black Star Square of Independence to witness the maiden edition of the Black Star Line Festival-a remarkable and historic location that reverberates Black history.

Vic Mensah, the Ghanaian-American rapper who felt  connected to his roots made some emotional remarks.

I had this dream not so long ago about connecting people from Ghana to the world. Just a year ago, we sat at Laboma beach and we dreamt of this moment, and to see it come to life with my people from all around the globe unified.

This whole thing has been emotional for me because, just one year ago, I was locked up in a cell in America and I could smell the waters all the way from Labadi beach. he said.

Co-founder of the ‘Black Star Line Festival‘ Chance The Rapper, also expressed his joy at the success of the event and gratitude to the Ghanaian crowd that came out to witness the show.

This is us working in unison. We can create our own space together where we can feel free to be loved and supported, feel safe, be free and be ourselves, and define our own identities. And, I thank Ghana for being so accommodating and making us feel at home”, he added.

Other musicians felt so strong with connecting to their roots and to the black energy.

T – Pain’ said, “When I see these many black faces, this thing makes me feel good and I appreciate you all. I touched down yesterday, and it was just a good feeling in my heart.

And, I want to say, Chance, I am really proud of you bro. This is literally the ‘blackest’ thing that has ever happened and it feels nice to be a part of this. I just want to take a break to say that I am honoured and thank you to anybody that had anything to do with putting this together,  he said.

American renowned Soulful singer Eryka Badu, also expressed her heartiest gratitude to Ghanaians 

I appreciate you all welcoming us. This is our therapy. This is my therapy”, she said.

My heart is so full right now, that there are people that are still waiting for me to perform. I appreciate what I saw here, I appreciate the peacefulness, the welcome experience, I appreciate everybody that worked all day and night setting up this festival for us . We did this together.

International stars, including multiple Grammy award winners Erykah Badu, T-Pain and Chance The Rapper, were joined by Ghanaian legends like Sarkodie, Manifest and The Asakaa Boys, Kwesi Arthur, Obrafuor at the festival to mark the event, which has also seen a weeklong series of events and panels.

In the course of the production and performance, Vic brought popular Ghana artist Kwesi Arthur on to the stage and they performed together delivering such an electric experience to attendees.

kwesi arthur left, vic mensah right

kwesi arthur left, vic mensah right

Most Ghanaians have taken to social media to express what they describe ‘a good way to start the year 2023’ as popular American Comedian, Dave Chappelle also graced the event augmenting the nice experience.

dave chapelle, popular american comedian

dave chapelle, popular american comedian

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