Commercial Transport Operators in Ghana Announce 30% Increase in Transport Fares Beginning Monday Jan. 22

Commercial transport operators to increase transport fares

In response to soaring operational expenses, commercial transport operators in Ghana have officially disclosed a 30% hike in transportation fares, set to take effect from Monday, January 22.

This decision, communicated through an official statement, brings forth significant financial implications for commuters nationwide.

The declared fare increment is attributed to the escalating costs of essential components vital to the industry, including lubricants, spare parts, and DVLA service charges.

The commercial transport operators in Ghana underscored their rationale by pointing out the substantial surge in expenses within the public transportation sector, posing a considerable challenge to the sustainability of their operational activities.

Emphasizing the increased costs associated with spare parts, particularly for maintenance and repairs, the operators highlighted the significant impact on their ability to maintain their vehicles in optimal condition.

This, in turn, has resulted in a noticeable decrease in operational efficiency, leading to prolonged periods of vehicle downtime. The ramifications of this inefficiency extend to adversely affecting both drivers and the general commuting public.

The continuous surge in lubricant prices, driven by fluctuations in global oil markets, has resulted in a considerable burden on drivers who rely heavily on oil to keep our vehicles running efficiently, official statement by the operators.

In recognition of the severity of these challenges, the Transport Operators Association revealed that they had engaged in thorough consultations with various stakeholders. This collaborative effort reflects the industry’s commitment to addressing the economic hurdles faced by commercial transport operators in Ghana. As they navigate these challenges, the operators are striving to strike a balance between maintaining service standards and addressing the pressing financial demands that have prompted the fare increase.


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