Former President John Dramani Mahama Thanks South Korea For Ghana’s Debt Cancellation

john mahama thanking ambassador park kyongsig

Former President and flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama has expressed his appreciation to South Korean government led by Ambassador Park Kyongsig for cancelling Ghana’s huge debt to South Korea.

This comes following a visit by the Ambassador of South Korea to Ghana, Park Kyongsig to Mr. Mahana’s office in Accra.

Mr. Mahama, who expressed his gratitude to the South Korean delegation stressed that such decision is going to help Ghana’s economic crisis coupled with debt burdens.

Remarks by John Mahama Thanking Ambassador Park Kyongsig

It was an honour to meet with Ambassador Park Kyongsig of South Korea to discuss the invaluable support and investments South Korea has committed to Ghana. I expressed my profound gratitude for forgiving Ghana’s debt, which will significantly bolster our debt restructuring efforts during these challenging economic times.


Our discussion also delved into the $2 billion framework arrangement, a substantial investment that will significantly impact crucial sectors such as healthcare, education, the environment, and agriculture.


This arrangement, coupled with the introduction of new rice varieties, holds immense potential for enhancing food sufficiency in Ghana. South Korea’s commitment to bolstering our agricultural sector is truly commendable and will undoubtedly make a substantial difference.


I also shared with Ambassador Park the National Democratic Congress’ plans to establish rice mills and farmer service centres to boost our agricultural sector.


As we gear up for the upcoming elections, I raised concerns about the independence of the Electoral Commission. I urged South Korea and the international community to swiftly advocate for free and fair elections in Ghana, an issue of utmost importance.


I am grateful for the support and look forward to the continued partnership between Ghana and South Korea,”  he remarked.

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