“If I Release Evidence of Ministers Engaged in Illegal Mining (Galamsey) Everyone Will Hide in Their Rooms,” – Kennedy Agyapong

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Kennedy Agyapong, a potential flagbearer for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has voiced concerns over Ministers engaged in Illegal Mining popularly known as Galamsey


Unveiling Alleged Ministerial Involvement in Galamsey: Kennedy Agyapong’s Perspective

He contends that the failure of this fight can be attributed to the vested interests of leaders responsible for monitoring and regulating such activities. Allegedly, certain ministers have been actively engaged in galamsey operations, particularly impacting regions like the Western region, where gold extraction is prevalent, leading to a lack of development in these areas

“What shows that we mine gold in the Western region?

With bad roads, no development, and nothing to show.

According to Agyapong, the repercussions of ministerial involvement in galamsey extend to the hindrance of regional progress, notably evident in the Western region’s subpar infrastructure and overall underdevelopment. In his vision for change, Agyapong pledges to redirect mining revenues through proper channels, aiming to foster development in the affected regions.


Expressing dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, he emphasized the need to regulate mining activities effectively to ensure that financial gains benefit the regions directly involved in resource extraction.

Agyapong’s commitment lies in addressing the disparity between the wealth generated from mining, especially gold, and the tangible improvements needed in the affected regions.

He questions the evident lack of development in areas with significant natural resources, such as the Western region, emphasizing the need for transparent and accountable practices.

For me, if I am given the opportunity, I am going to regulate it (mining) to make sure that the money passes through the right channel,

We get oil from maize and flour, but what are we doing as a country …but upon all these, we have people claiming to be ministers in the country but all they do is galamsey when they assume office, he said.

Mr. Agyapong advocates for a regulatory framework that ensures the appropriate utilization of mining revenues, contrasting this with the alleged actions of ministers who, despite holding positions of authority, are purportedly engaging in galamsey activities.

Responding to Ministers engaged in Galamsey, he said..

I didn’t come here because of that (galamsey issues) but if you want evidence, I will be able to provide an abundance for you, if I am to provide evidence, everyone will hide in their rooms, he remarked.

Kennedy Agyapong brings attention to the alleged involvement of ministers in galamsey operations, underscoring the detrimental impact on regional development. His commitment to reforming the system and redirecting mining revenues through proper channels reflects a vision for equitable and sustainable development, challenging the status quo in the fight against illegal mining in Ghana.


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