Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) Boss, Kofi Kapito Praises Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for Action Against Defective Diapers

consumer protection agency (cpa) boss, kofi kapito praises food and drugs authority (fda) for action against defective diapers

CEO of The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) in Ghana, Kofi Kapito has lauded the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for its decisive action in removing defective and cheap diapers from the market.

The CPA has expressed significant concern over the health risks posed by these substandard diapers and has advised the public to avoid purchasing them.

CPA CEO Kofi Kapito addressed the media, highlighting numerous complaints from mothers nationwide about skin rashes and discomfort caused by these diapers. He praised the FDA for its efforts to withdraw these harmful products from circulation, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding children’s health.

Kapito revealed that CPA’s research in various Ghanaian markets showed that these diapers failed microbial tests. He noted that these substandard products are often those rejected for destruction in their countries of origin but are instead bought cheaply and imported into Ghana for sale, posing a serious health risk to consumers.


The Consumer Protection Agency greatly commend the FDA on the action taken to cramp down on defective and cheap diapers on the market named ‘FAKE DIAPERS

These diapers upon research by the CPA on several markets in Ghana failed the microbial test conducted on them. Upon further investigations it was discovered that these diapers are those that are rejected during production in their home countries meant for destruction but Ghanaians find their way to buy it cheap and import them into the country for human use.

It was also discovered that because these products are rejected and found among trash it becomes contaminated even before packaging into these plain polyethylene bags before shipping.

Also, where they are kept becomes a factor thereby showing these high results of failure in microbial tests.

Upon several complaints from mothers across the country in relation to skin rashes and discomfort when some diapers are used on their children, the CPA decided to do intensive research on baby diapers on the market.

The CPA’s research centered on 5 regions in the country namely Greater  Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Sefwi Wiawso and Sunyani.

Some of these babies had severe nappy rash around the anus and genitalia from mild to severe infections which not treated well could be fatal.

We are therefore calling on all Ghanaians especially mothers who patronize these products to stop immediately so as to save their children from further harm.

We are therefore calling on the office of the Commissioner of CEPS to intervene and stop the importations of these “Fake “diapers entering our borders.

Matters of pediatrics are so important since these babies and children are the most vulnerable.

Once again, we would like to highly commend the FDA for their efforts in the clamp down of these diapers.

We are so ready to partner the FDA on our nationwide campaign on these diapers and other important issues that we find necessary to collaborate with them to make the consumer in Ghana safer.

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