Failure To Combat Galamsey, Government’s Own Doing – Former Minerals Commission Boss

failure to combat galamsey, government's own doing – former minerals commission boss

The former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Minerals Commission, Dr. Tony Aubynn has accused the ruling party for not doing enough to fight galamsey.

According to the former CEO, failure to combat the galamsey must be blamed on the government.

He made this comment in an interview on the Citi TV programme: The Big Issue, He explained that the challenges in fighting galamsey since the inception of the fight is as a result of government’s own appointees engaged in the activity.

Illegal mining popular known as Galamsey over the years has caused significant destruction to water bodies and farmlands not to mention the health hazards it poses to indigenes of the communities as most experts warn of severe detriments in the future.

Dr. Tony Aubynn: “When they [government] said stop galamsey and the government was very serious about that, I think ordinary people stopped but those people who were in high places and closer to government were still doing it under the guise of the military. You cannot do these things and succeed. If your people are doing it with impunity, then that is a problem”.

He added that an all-hands-on-deck approach is required by engaging all stakeholders to help resolve the problem of galamsey.

“So we need a collective approach if the government is serious . It has to consult those are who are indeed involved”, he advised.

Dr. Aubynn prior to 2018 gathered momentum with the fight of illegal mining with intense media campaign other strategies. During his tenure, nine district mining officials of the Minerals Commission were busted for negligently supervising mining activities and asked to proceed on leave but did not yield any positive results or deterrence subsequently.

He explained that the NDC will better see to resolve the issue of galamsey. “This government has totally failed. It has no business talking about galamsey. They have no blue print as to how to deal with the issue. The NDC still believes that a well, proper and regulated small scale mining beyond what we have now is the way to go so that reclamation of land will follow.”

“The NPP has failed and we know that the NDC as a party will do better any day and time in terms of managing galamsey. The NDC will always do a better job.” He said.

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