Intense Courtroom Drama: Tsatsu Tsikata Threatens Godfred Dame with Future Jail Time Over Gyakye Quayson’s Trial

intense courtroom drama tsatsu tsikata threatens godfred dame with future jail time over gyakye quayson’s trial

In a dramatic courtroom spectacle between Tsatsu Tsikata and Attorney General Godfred Dame, James Gyakye Quayson’s Trial engendered a brawl

The prominent lawyer of the plaintiff, Tsatsu Tsikata submitted an application for a stay of proceedings in the criminal trial of James Gyakye Quayson, the Assin North MP.

Tsikata drew parallels between Quayson’s case and his own conviction in 2008, suggesting that the Attorney General, Godfred Dame, could potentially face future prosecution.

However, Dame firmly dismissed Tsikata’s threats, highlighting the irrelevance of his previous conviction to the ongoing trial. The trial judge is scheduled to rule on the application on July 11, 2023.

Quayson faces charges of perjury and forgery relating to his Ghanaian passport and eligibility for the 2020 elections. Despite being initially removed from Parliament by the Supreme Court, he has been re-elected and resumed his role as the Assin North MP.

Courtroom drama Between Tsatsu Tsikata and Godfred Dame

The clash between Tsikata and Dame during the criminal trial of James Gyakye Quayson was marked by intense exchanges. Tsikata raised objections to the Attorney General’s comments, alleging their prejudicial nature in the ongoing case. In response, Dame argued that these comments were irrelevant and should be disregarded in the context of the criminal trial.

Tsikata contended that the remarks made by Dame were insulting, requesting the court to address such behavior. The court granted Quayson’s request to miss proceedings on a specific day and admitted Tsikata’s evidence.

A ruling regarding the potential suspension of the case to allow Quayson to campaign is expected on June 23. Quayson is the National Democratic Congress’ candidate in the Assin North by-election.

Courtroom Adjudication

The Accra High Court ruled that the statements made by Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame against James Gyakye Quayson were irrelevant and not prejudicial to the trial.

Tsikata, who serves as Quayson’s counsel, presented the alleged statements, arguing that they were both insulting and prejudicial. The court approved Tsikata’s motion to suspend the day-to-day trial and admitted the statements as evidence.

However, the court ultimately deemed them irrelevant to the case. The trial judge upheld the Attorney General’s contention that a day-to-day trial was crucial for the administration of justice. Additionally, the court dismissed Tsikata’s claim that Quayson’s participation in elections constituted a national assignment.

The Attorney General affirmed that he had not made any prejudicial statements and expressed satisfaction with the court’s ruling. Quayson’s legal team, as well as the Deputy Attorney General, also expressed contentment with the court’s decision.

Eligibility for elections

Following the Assin North by-election, Quayson, who was previously deemed ineligible for parliament due to dual citizenship, could face criminal charges according to the ruling political faction.

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