Video: Kennedy Agyapong Talks about What Led to Alan Kyerematen’s Super Delegates Election Loss

video, kennedy agyapong talks about what led to alan kyerematen's super delegates election loss

In an interview on Neat FM, Kennedy Agyapong, a contender for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer position, provided insights into the reasons behind Alan Kyerematen’s loss in the NPP super delegates election held on August 26, 2023

Agyapong emphasized that Kyerematen’s strategic choice to maintain a low profile within the party for an extended period significantly impacted his campaign. According to Agyapong, Kyerematen’s absence from active politics during crucial years allowed a new generation to emerge. Consequently, many of these young voters, now eligible to cast their ballots, were unfamiliar with Kyerematen due to his prolonged period of silence and absence from the political scene.

This revelation sheds light on the dynamic factors influencing the outcome of the election, highlighting the importance of sustained visibility and engagement in the evolving landscape of political participation among newer generations of voters. As the NPP navigates its internal processes, these insights provide valuable considerations for candidates seeking to resonate with an increasingly diverse and youthful electorate.


Remarks Made by Honourable Kennedy Agyepong during the Interview

He (Alan) and I were engaging in a fair campaign, but the others were on the other side and using money to intimidate people.


They were going to win because of their intimidation tactics, wealth, and power, but Alan and I were going to win because of our popularity among the general public.


Alan has been a part of the system for a while, but there came a point where it appeared he stayed quiet and was silent. The majority of the children who were young at the time are now adults who are able to vote, so if you think back to when Kufour was in power when someone was 10 years old, they are now 25 years old and don’t know about Alan at the time, he said.

He also explained that one of the key missteps made by Alan Kyerematen might have been his failure to become a Member of Parliament.

Agyapong posited that his own consistency, not only in the media but also as a Member of Parliament, had played a crucial role in maintaining his visibility and popularity.

Many of them don’t know Alan because he withdrew from society and went quiet over the years, but I have consistently served in Parliament, and I believe that honorable Alan made the mistake of not being forced to become a Member of Parliament. For me, my consistency on radio and television in good and bad times has made me well known,” he opined.

VIDEO: Kennedy Agyapong’s Interview about Alan Kyeremanten’s Loss in Super delegates Election

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