Gambian Girlfriend of Kikibees Owner Remanded Over Murder Allegations

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Madina District Court has remanded 31-year-old Mam Yandey Joof to police custody over ‘lover’, Kikibees Owner murder allegations 

This comes in connection to the alleged murder of Bennette Agyekum Adomah, the Chief Executive Officer of Kikibees Restaurant and Lounge in East Legon.

Joof, a hotelier, was reportedly in a romantic relationship with Adomah until the unfortunate incident unfolded.

Background of Kikibees Owner Murder Case

In the early hours of October 8, 2023, around 12:30 am, the deceased departed Kikibees restaurant to visit the suspect at her Ogbojo apartment.

Around 1:30 am later that night, the deceased underwent a sudden, hyperactive episode, exhibiting strange behavior and tumultuously throwing objects in the room. He vocalized anxieties of being pursued by unidentified individuals.

The commotion stirred the other tenants in the house, rousing them from their sleep. Responding to the situation, the suspect urgently contacted a close friend of the deceased, urging him to come to her apartment for assistance. However, upon arrival, the friend discovered the deceased in the kitchen, wildly gesturing and lying in a pool of blood.

Inspector Awumey revealed that the tenants in the residence provided assistance, transporting the deceased to DEL Hospital in East Legon. Unfortunately, his death was pronounced shortly after reaching the medical facility.

Law enforcement was promptly notified, and the demise was reported to the police. The deceased’s body was then conveyed to the Police hospital mortuary for preservation and subsequent autopsy.

 Judicial Adjudication leading to: Owner of Kikibees Girlfriend Mam Yander Joof’s Remand

The court refrained from taking Mam Yandeh Joof’s plea as the proceedings began, indicating the gravity of the charges against her. The case involves the mysterious death of a 40-year-old man within Joof’s residence, adding an element of complexity to the unfolding tragedy.

According to Inspector Jameson Awumey, who narrated the case’s facts in court, the victim and the suspect had been involved in an amorous relationship for the past three years. The timeline of events takes a grim turn about three months ago when Agyekum Adomah returned to Ghana from abroad on October 7, 2023. The Chief Executive Officer headed to his East Legon residence from the airport around 6:00 pm, marking the beginning of a sequence of events that would lead to a tragic end.

As the legal proceedings continue, the Madina District Court serves as the stage for unraveling the intricacies of this alleged crime of passion. The arrest of Mam Yandey Joof raises questions about the motives behind the CEO’s murder, casting a somber light on what was once a romantic liaison between two individuals.

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