Alfred Agbesi Woyome Has Challenged the Decision of the General Legal Council (GLC) Amid Bribery Allegations

"I Have Never Given Bribe or Taken Bribe" - Alfred Woyome

Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a prominent businessman, is contesting the General Legal Council’s (GLC) decision to disbar Chief State Attorney Samuel Nerquaye-Tetteh following the transfer of GH¢400,000 into his wife’s bank account.

Speaking to the press on Friday, February 16, Woyome staunchly maintained his stance against bribery, asserting that he has never engaged in such practices and never will. He highlighted what he perceives as victimization against the state attorney.

The GLC’s decision to disbar Mr. Nerquaye-Tetteh stemmed from allegations that he received GH¢400,000 from Woyome in 2011. The GLC’s notice, dated January 31, 2024, indicated that during Woyome’s lawsuit against the state in 2011, Mr. Nerquaye-Tetteh facilitated the direct transfer of this sum into his wife’s bank account, without providing a satisfactory explanation for the transaction.

Woyome’s defense of Mr. Nerquaye-Tetteh underscores his belief in the attorney’s integrity and contributions to the nation. He decried what he perceived as unjust treatment toward someone who has actively dedicated himself to improving the country’s legal system.

Despite his efforts to participate in the GLC proceedings regarding Mr. Nerquaye-Tetteh’s case, Woyome’s request was denied, further complicating the matter.

The controversy surrounding the GLC’s decision and Woyome’s vocal defense of Mr. Nerquaye-Tetteh highlights broader issues of integrity and accountability within the legal profession.

It also raises questions about the fairness and transparency of disciplinary processes within legal regulatory bodies. As the case unfolds, it underscores the importance of upholding ethical standards and ensuring impartiality in legal proceedings.

I want you to understand one thing that I have been law-abiding in this country. I’ve never given a bribe or taken a bribe because I’ve never been in a government position neither have I benefited from any government money whatsoever in any government,

Well, that’s the statement they [GLC] had made and that is the cost for which somebody’s son, somebody’s higher working individual who has worked for all the political parties including Nana Addo and other people.


He has worked very hard for Ghana and has saved Ghana a lot of money by going outside to fight against judgment debt and winning them. This is what is said when to punish this gentleman for nothing he has done.” he said.


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