Prophet Kofi Oduro Claims Pastor’s Arrest Tied to Government Criticism

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Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and leader of the Alabaster International Ministry, has asserted that one of his junior pastors faced arrest solely due to criticizing the government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo


The incident allegedly occurred during a confrontation with police officers at a prayer location near the Achimota Police Station in Accra, the nation’s capital. Prophet Oduro, in a viral video addressing his congregation, revealed that the police officers’ statements suggested a premeditated plan to disrupt their prayer meeting, despite there being no disturbance to the peace in the area.

The allegations put forth by Prophet Oduro shed light on concerns surrounding freedom of expression and assembly, with the arrest of his junior pastor seemingly linked to political criticism.

The prophet’s claim, delivered to a wide audience through the viral video, underscores the perceived interference in religious activities and raises questions about the authorities’ motivations behind suppressing the prayer gathering.

Because of the truth we speak, we were moved from our point at the Achimota Girls Guide Training Camp which belongs to the government and we relocated to a piece of land near the police station.

You won’t believe this, come and see the actions this past Wednesday. One of our junior pastors was locked up for 8 hours. Why? Because we were worshipping and praying without microphones, no instruments, we were just talking – praying together.

… the woman (one of the police officers) made a mistake and said that they had a meeting and the decision for the action taken was made at the said meeting… Why? Because Kofi Oduro speaks the truth to the government,

This incident adds to the ongoing discourse about the relationship between religious leaders and government authorities, particularly in the context of freedom of speech and assembly.

Prophet Oduro’s revelation not only addresses the specific incident but also contributes to broader discussions about the state’s role in regulating religious practices and expressions of dissent.


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