Comprehensive Document Digitization Process Powered by Top Archive Limited

document digitization powered by top archive limited

Top Archive Limited over the years has demonstrated high levels of professionalism with respect to Document Digitization process ushering businesses in Ghana and West African sub-region in this era of digital dispensation.

One may quiz, ‘how do I go about digitizing my documents to free up ample space, meet all the requisite regulations as well as capitalize on the myriad opportunities that digitalization brings?’

Top Archive Limited with its state-of-the-art technologies coupled with professional IT team foster and facilitate the achievement of business goals in line with document digitization. Processes involved in a comprehensive document digitization are outlined below;

​Top Archive Limited: Document Digitization Process

  1. Needs Assessment: We start by identifying and capturing the client’s specific requirements and metadata to tailor-make their digital solution.

  2. Collection and Preparation: Documents provided by the client are meticulously collected and sorted. Careful attention is given to removing foreign objects like pins and paper clips while ensuring proper document alignment prior to scanning.

  3. Scanning: The aligned documents undergo scanning to create digital copies.

  4. Conversion to Digital Format: Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), scanned documents/images are transformed into text files. A dedicated quality control team manually checks the output before converting it into the desired digital format.

  5. Indexing: Documents are saved with metadata tags, ensuring easy retrieval as required.

  6. Organization: We organize the digitized documents into separate folders based on the client’s specifications.

  7. Upload to DMS: The digitized data is securely uploaded to our cutting-edge Document Management System (DMS), accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

This streamlined process ensures efficient and accurate document digitization, making your valuable information easily accessible.

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