FDA Warns Public and Suspends “Anointed Family Water” and Other Unregistered Brands

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fda warns public and suspends anointed family water and other unregistered brands

The Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has suspended the operations of “Anointed Family Water” and seized several pieces of Rena Aqua sachet water during a recent inspection of its facility

The inspection was part of the Authority’s routine activities to ensure safe production of sachet water for public consumption. The suspension was necessary due to unhygienic and insanitary conditions at the production facility, which posed a risk to public health and safety.

The public is advised not to consume Anointed Family Water and the unregistered Rena Aqua brand. Retailers and distributors are instructed to remove all stocks of Anointed Family Water and Rena Aqua in trade until further notice.

The FDA is committed to safeguarding public health by ensuring strict adherence to regulations and standards in the food and beverage industry. Consumers are encouraged to report any concerns regarding the safety and quality of regulated products to the FDA.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has recently issued a stern warning to the general public regarding the consumption of Perfect Ice Aqua-Link Leader’s drinking water. The FDA emphasizes the need for caution and urges individuals to refrain from consuming this particular brand of drinking water

Expressing concerns over the safety and quality of the product, the FDA’s warning comes as a response to the potential health risks associated with the consumption of this “unwholesome” drinking water. The regulatory body highlights the importance of safeguarding public health and urges consumers to prioritize the safety of their drinking water.

Ok bro, our press releases gave the details, I think this news agency/ blogger is summerising the story I guess, from what I’m reading in the post you have sent above

We put all our releases on all our socials and they have the exact details

Other Brands Suspended by the Food and Drugs Authority

In another operation, the FDA suspended operation of Samdoe enterprises manufacturer of unregistered water products;

1. Perfect ice drinking water

2. Aqua link drinking water and

3. Leaders drinking water


The announcement serves as a critical reminder that choosing a reliable and reputable drinking water brand is essential for maintaining good health. With this warning, the FDA aims to create awareness among the public regarding the potential risks posed by this specific product.


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