Students with Disabilities Protest for Scholarship Funds at the Scholarship Secretariat of Ghana

Students with Disabilities in Ghana protest for Scholarship funds

Students with disabilities studying at the University of Education, Winneba, and Cape Coast University recently staged a protest at the Scholarship Secretariat in Accra, Ghana.

Their primary demand is the immediate release of scholarship funds that the government had assured them of but has yet to deliver. Organized under the banner of the Association of Students with Disabilities, these students argue that the delayed disbursement of funds poses a significant threat to their educational pursuits.

Citing concerns over their academic progression, the aggrieved students emphasize that the withholding of funds puts their education in jeopardy. They stress that the scholarships promised by the government are crucial for their continued studies and academic success. Furthermore, they highlight the precarious situation wherein the management of their respective educational institutions has issued warnings of course deferment due to outstanding payments.

To draw attention to their plight and compel swift action, the group has resorted to peaceful protest tactics. Their determination to secure their entitlements is evident as they have vowed to maintain a presence outside the Scholarship Secretariat until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

Aminu Mahama, a spokesperson for the demonstrators, has expressed disappointment in the government’s repeated failure to honor its commitments regarding scholarships for students with disabilities.

The students allege a pattern of broken promises from the government regarding scholarship disbursements, heightening their frustration and sense of injustice. Despite assurances and pledges, the funds have yet to materialize, exacerbating the financial strain experienced by many of these students.

Their persistence in seeking redress underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgency with which the authorities must address their grievances.

The standoff at the Scholarship Secretariat serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by students with disabilities in accessing educational opportunities. Beyond the immediate financial concerns, the protest sheds light on broader issues of inclusivity and support for marginalized groups within the educational system.

As the students continue their peaceful demonstration, their collective voice resonates not only for themselves but also for others facing similar obstacles in pursuit of their academic aspirations.


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