Watch As Angry Youth Reject and Hoot at Tafo-Pankrono MP, Vincent Ekow Assafuah in the NPP Primaries

Angry Tafo Youth Rejecting and Hooting at NPP MP

In the midst of the 2024 New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primaries held on Saturday, January 27, incumbent Tafo-Pankrono MP, Vincent Ekow Assafuah, encountered vehement opposition as the youth rejected and hooted at him upon his arrival to cast his vote.

The atmosphere crackled with tension as a faction of youth directed their discontent towards the legislator, expressing their fervent desire for change.

Amidst the spirited chants of “Change is coming,” the scene unfolded as Vincent Ekow Assafuah, seeking a second-term bid to represent the NPP in the constituency for the upcoming 2024 elections, faced a chorus of disapproval from dissenting voices. The resonance of their dissatisfaction echoed through the precincts, signaling a palpable shift in sentiment towards the incumbent MP.

Critics of the incumbent Tafo-Pankrono MP seized the opportunity to vocalize their grievances, citing allegations of underperformance and unmet expectations during his tenure. The fervor of opposition reached its zenith as the atmosphere crackled with charged emotions, highlighting the profound dissatisfaction simmering within certain segments of the constituency.

The confrontational encounter between Vincent Ekow Assafuah and his detractors underscored the contentious nature of the NPP primaries, emblematic of the broader political landscape characterized by polarization and dissent. As the incumbent MP navigated through the tumultuous atmosphere, the scrutiny of his actions and leadership resonated profoundly within the community, eliciting a spectrum of reactions and responses.

In the aftermath of the contentious episode, a video capturing the scenes of the encounter circulated widely, eliciting diverse reactions from various quarters. While some lauded the MP’s composed demeanor in the face of adversity, others interpreted the confrontation as emblematic of the growing discontent and clamor for change permeating the political discourse.


The episode serves as a poignant reflection of the underlying tensions and dynamics shaping the political landscape, offering insights into the complexities and nuances inherent within the democratic process. As the electorate grapples with divergent perspectives and aspirations, the specter of change looms large, casting a shadow over the trajectory of political fortunes and the evolving contours of representative governance.


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