It Has Been Rumored “Eating Shrimp or Prawns and vitamin C together is like eating arsenic trioxide!” – How Factual is this ?

it has been rumored eating shrimp or prawns and vitamin c together is like eating arsenic trioxide, how factual is this

Rumors travel very fast and disseminators usually don’t take critical and thorough checks on facts regarding the rumors but only interested in getting the news to its intended recipients, probably due to its damning nature or details.

Now let’s talk about Shrimps/Prawns eaten together with Vitamin C

Food that one cannot eat together include prawns and vitamin C, which will cause arsenic poisoning; cold remedy and Coke, which will cause poisoning; eggs and saccharin; tofu and honey, which will cause deafness; kelp and coagulated pig blood, which will cause constipation; potatoes and banana, which will cause freckles; beef and brown sugar, which will lead to abdominal distention; dog meat and eels, which will lead to death; mutton and mud snails, which will lead to retention of food; celery and rabbit meat, which will lead to alopecia; tomatoes and green beans, which will undermine vigor; and goose meat and pear, which will injure one’s kidney.

A woman suddenly died unexpectedly with signs of bleeding from her ears, nose, mouth & eyes. After a preliminary autopsy it was diagnosed that death was due to arsenic poisoning. Where did the arsenic come from? The police launched an in-depth and extensive investigation. A medical school professor was invited to come to solve the case.

The professor carefully looked at the contents. In less than half an hour, the mystery was solved.

The professor said,

The deceased did not commit suicide and neither was she murdered, she died of accidental death due to ignorance!’ Everyone was puzzled, why accidental death?


The arsenic was produced in the stomach of the deceased.’ The deceased used to take ‘Vitamin C’ everyday, which in itself is not a problem. The problem was that she ate a large portion of shrimp/prawn during dinner. Eating shrimp/prawn is not the problem, that’s why nothing happened to her family even though they had the same shrimp/prawn. However at the same time the deceased also took ‘vitamin C’, that is where the problem was.

Researchers at the University of Chicago in the United States , found through experiments, food such as soft-shell contain a much higher concentration of five potassium arsenic compounds. Such fresh food by itself has no toxic effects on the human body. However, in taking ‘vitamin C’, chemical reaction occurs and the original non-toxic elements change to toxic elements.

Arsenic poisoning has a magma role and can cause paralysis to the small blood vessels. Therefore, a person who dies of arsenic poisoning will show signs of bleeding from the ears, nose, mouth & eyes. Thus as a precautionary measure.


Facts on Eating Shrimps or Prawns with Vitamin C

According to the rumors, the reason that people should not eat prawns and vitamin C together is that prawns contain a high concentration of arsenic compound, which is non-toxic to the human body but the vitamin C can transform it into highly toxic “trivalent arsenic,” that is arsenic trioxide, causing acute poisoning even death.

Westerners like putting in lemon juice when cooking prawns and Chinese people also like such dishes as stir-fried prawns with Longjing Tea and prawns in tomato sauce. If the explanation is true and the vitamin C in lemon, tea and tomatoes reacts with prawns, why no one is poisoned after eating them?

In fact, the vast majority of arsenic contained in prawns is stable organic arsenic and the content of inorganic arsenic is less than 4 percent.

According to China’s national standards, the content of inorganic arsenic per kilogram of prawns shall not exceed 0.5 milligram. Even if all of the inorganic arsenic can be transformed into arsenic trioxide, one must eat approximately 105 kilograms of prawns to reach the oral dose of arsenic trioxide causing death.

Experts said that the following three toxic substances are more worthy of attention:

First, some toxic substances naturally existed in the food such as puffer fish meat. Second, the toxic substances naturally exist in some food but people have found a way to detoxify them, such as the raw soya-bean milk and hyacinth beans, which can be detoxified through thorough heating. Third, it mainly includes the pollutants, especially the biological contaminants.

Some medical experts on the other hand are debunking claims that eating shrimps or Prawns with Vitamin C is poisonous. debunks such claims.

Information presented herein are obtained from credible sources such as
and It is therefore imperative to do  more research If one has doubts  or take precautions as the saying goes,  ‘Prevention is better than cure’ !


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