Kwesi Pratt Opines that Alan Cash can Become the Kingmaker following NPP’s Acceptance of Hon. Alan Kyerematen’s Withdrawal

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Alan Kyeremanten can be Kingmaker, Kwesi Pratt comments following New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) official acceptance of a letter penned by former flagbearer aspirant, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, in which he expressed his intention to withdraw from the upcoming November 4 Presidential Primary.

Regrettably, the party expressed its disappointment at Mr. Kyerematen’s decision. This development was communicated through a press release issued on September 6, highlighting that both the Presidential Elections Committee and the Disciplinary Committee were already addressing complaints raised by some aspirants regarding the August 26 Super Delegates Conference.


Kwesi Pratt’s ‘Kingmaker’ Remarks

Kwesi Pratt notable political commentator has opined that Hon. Alan Kyeremanten can become the ultimate kingmaker in Ghana.

One of the options he can take now is to simply withdraw from the political party and contest as an independent candidate. And in coming to this conclusion, he may very well imagine that he can push the elections into a second round and become the ultimate kingmaker in Ghana.

He may also decide that of the four contestants in this race, he would put his full weight behind one and make sure that those who are responsible for all the things that he has listed (as reasons for stepping down) do not become beneficiaries of a faulty process.


…he can also decide to form his own political party… In his own interest. I would advise that he doesn’t wait too long. If he waits too long, his forces will dissipate, Kwesi Pratt said.

In Mr. Kyeremanten’s withdrawal statement, he cited intimidation and comments from influential party members as the key factors behind his decision. He expressed concerns over statements made by prominent party figures both before and after the elections, which he believed supported his observations. Additionally, he pointed out a disturbing level of intimidation experienced by delegates in various regions during the voting process, citing a specific incident involving his North East Region Polling Agent, Ali Zakaria, who was injured at Nalerigu Senior High School.

Mr. Kyerematen also raised concerns about the fairness of the Super Delegates Conference, suggesting that it may have been biased in favor of a particular aspirant, widely believed to be Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Notably, Mr. Kyerematen had unexpectedly secured the third position in the conference, amassing 96 votes out of 961.

The NPP, as per the release signed by General Secretary Justin Kodua Frimpong, assured that the findings of the committees investigating the matter would be transparently disclosed, and individuals found responsible for any wrongdoing would be held accountable.

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